Culture meets style.

ABIKE is a design label exploring art and design through our accessories. We highlight a variety of techniques for creating through our products, from laser cutting to hand beading we aim to create bespoke, stand out pieces that you will cherish.

The bold nature of ABIKE pieces guarantees anyone who wears them to be spotted - leaving their mark wherever they go.

All our pieces are made with care and made to treasure.



Accessories tempered by art.

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Abike was a result of a school project that prompted to use the laser cutting machine to create. Dotun Abeshinbioke, was determined to combine her love for fashion with this new found resource and decided to work with a new material, acrylic sheets. From this a series of earrings was created that had been designed on illustrator and came to life using a laser cutter, which people loved and were drawn to. From then on Abike began to brand itself as a brand that aims to redefine accessories using unconventional materials and hand-crafted elements.

The brand was renamed ABIKE, a name meaning Treasure in the Yoruba language, in 2018. After a trip to the homeland Nigeria we began to work with female artisans in Nigeria to create our beaded bag collection. Highlighting the skill of craftsmanship at home and putting a modern take on traditional methods of creating. We hope to continue working with artisans to create more of bespoke pieces and share the beauty of the craftsmanship within Nigeria.


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