a photo series developed as part of @svgemag x @spotbydots | Featuring models, Jennifer and Jonathan Abu modelling our reflective stud series. A series of stud earrings made from mirror acrylic, the shapes and designs are all inspired by motifs found in Ankara (African Print), serving as a blend of African culture and modern design techniques. The combination of reflective material and Ankara inspired designs illustrates how one can be a reflection of their culture, innot the most typical or apparent way but always stylish way. 

Our models also embody this idea by allowing their heritage and culture to influence, inform and inspire their lifestyle and goals in the world. Jonathan and Jennifer are Nigerian siblings, of the Idoma Tribe, who both model and also run, WACRIA, a non-profit that advocates for Women's and Children's Rights in Africa. These two are doing more than just thriving in the model game but are showing us all that you can simultaneously give back to the motherland, no matter where you are. #AfricaToTheWorld

SVGE X SPOT shot by Wendy Ngala

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